New Capital Management, LLC

Private Wealth Management

The Service


Investment Consulting

New Capital Management offers personalized portfolio construction that meets the risk requirements of the individual investor.


The Process


Integrated Portfolio Management

New Capital Management provides a four-step approach to managing your funds.

  • Investment Policy Development
  • Portfolio Construction and Management
  • Regular Portfolio Review
  • Performance Reporting

Investment Policy Development

New Capital Management develops an analysis of a client’s objectives and portfolio constraints.


Portfolio Construction and Management

New Capital Management has the responsibility for constructing a portfolio that reflects your overall investment goals. In constructing portfolios New Capital Management relies on a disciplined selection process.


Regular Portfolio Review

New Capital Management stays involved with you to update any changes in lifestyle and tax status that could affect your overall investment strategy or objectives.


Performance Reporting

New Capital Management delivers detailed quarterly reports to individual clients.

Individually Managed Accounts -- $300,000 account minimum        Institutional Accounts -- $1,000,000 account minimum